Board of Directors

Michael T. Dugan

CEO, President and Director
In November 2009, Mr. Dugan was named the company's President and CEO. Mr. Dugan has served as a member of our board of directors since October 2007 and he also serves currently on the Strategy Committee of our board of directors. He previously served in several executive roles at the combined company from 1990-2004 prior to EchoStar's spinoff from DISH Network Corporation in January 2008. Until October 2006, Mr. Dugan was DISH Network's Chief Technology Officer, and prior to 2004 was its President and Chief Operating Officer. In that capacity, Mr. Dugan had been responsible for, among other things, all operations except legal, finance and accounting at DISH Network. Until April 2000, Mr. Dugan had been President of EchoStar Technologies Corporation. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President of the Consumer Products Division of DISH Network. Mr. Dugan began his EchoStar career as vice president of engineering in 1990 for the subsidiary that later became EchoStar Technologies L.L.C. Mr. Dugan is credited with being the chief architect behind the technological foundation for DISH Network and EchoStar.
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